Shining the Light on Insurer Overreach

Aetna implemented a sweeping prior authorization policy that caused cataract removal surgery delays and denials for thousands of Americans. Our strategic media campaign stood up to the big insurers – and won.

Preserving Access to Physical Therapy Services

Preventing Medicare cuts to physical, occupational and speech therapy services ensured America’s seniors would have access to the care that allows them to stay active, healthy, and independent.

Protecting Home Respiratory Care

Home respiratory services are critical in caring for Medicare beneficiaries with respiratory diseases — and advocates within the community fought to ensure their continued access to that care.

Redefining Kidney Care

The kidney care community has worked for decades to improve care quality and reduce costs. Now, with a bold new agenda, they’re redefining the future of kidney care.

Safeguarding Medical Innovation

The Medical Device Tax cost manufacturers billions each year- money that had to be diverted from investment in research or ultimately passed on to consumers through higher health costs.

Confronting a National Epidemic

Turning the tide on the nation’s devastating opioid epidemic requires big and bold policy solutions.

Working with Celebrities for Issues Advocacy

Celebrities with a passion for specific health issues can make a big difference in advocacy efforts.