Redefining Kidney Care

The kidney care community has worked collectively for decades to improve the quality of care provided and reduce costs to the healthcare system – with little recognition or acknowledgement from policymakers or the public, who often view dialysis providers in a negative light. With threats coming from both the regulatory and legislative branches in the form of potential reimbursement cuts and new innovation projects that shift funding, the community recognized the importance of educating policymakers about the value the community provides for the more than 30 million Americans with kidney diseases.

Re-Positioning the Kidney Care Community

In 2019, the kidney community set out to advance a bold agenda by creating and communicating a vision for the future of kidney care. As stakeholders worked together to establish a new policy framework and build support around the upcoming introduction of community legislation, we developed a strategic digital campaign to ensure policymakers were aware of the progress achieved over the past decade of kidney care (with third-party validated research to support our claims) while emphasizing the need for future collaboration with Congress and the administration to continue making positive strides. Our message is simple: Individuals with kidney diseases are living longer and fuller lives, with more choices and better access to kidney care than ever before – but there’s more to be done.




Increase in Average Weekly Website Traffic


Increase in Social Media Following


The re-positioning initiative advertisements reached over 15.4 million impressions within targeted, policymaker audiences in DC, resulting in more than 30,000 visitors to the initiative landing page and a 903% increase in average monthly social media engagements.

Additionally, utilizing a third-party data analysis that supports the community’s claims, we successfully placed an op-ed in a targeted inside-the-beltway publication that calls for further collaboration in the kidney care space and identified opportunities to engage directly with key policymakers as they spoke about the future of kidney care.