Schmidt PA’s Commitment to Our Community

Schmidt PA has a long-standing history of personal and professional commitment to and investment in important causes that contribute to the betterment of society — and our profession.

We recognize our responsibility to be active and involved members of our communities and view our history of commitment as both a responsibility and a privilege.

Since its founding, SPA has donated more than $125,000 to charitable causes and organizations.

In 2020, SPA started an additional community investment program that takes a more collaborative approach among our whole team, providing $250 donations quarterly to four nonprofit organizations of the staff’s choosing.  Each quarter, our team members have the opportunity to nominate one nonprofit organization in each of the following four categories:

  • Local (An organization that works in the Alexandria community)
  • State/Regional (An organization that works in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area)
  • National (An organization that works anywhere in the United States)
  • International (An organization that works anywhere around the world)

Each submission includes a description of the organization or cause and why it is important to the SPA team member. The organizations can work in any field or policy area, including (but not limited to) environmental, homelessness/housing, racial justice, healthcare, patient advocacy, and education issues.

Organizations We’re Proud to Support

To date, Schmidt Public Affairs has been proud to donate to a diverse group of incredible organizations, including: