Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month

By the Numbers

  • 95 million PSA impressions
  • $2.9 million in equivalent advertising
  • 5.8 million Twitter impressions
  • 65% increase in website traffic
 About this project

Brushing your hair, buttoning a shirt, making breakfast – imagine waking up every morning and finding it difficult to perform these simple tasks. Unfortunately, this barely scratches the surface of what it feels like to live with a rheumatic disease. Despite affecting one in four Americans, rheumatic diseases are often misunderstood – and misdiagnosed.

To raise awareness about rheumatic diseases and facilitate early intervention from a rheumatologist, Schmidt Public Affairs worked with Terry Bradshaw – who has rheumatoid arthritis – and the American College of Rheumatology to launch a national public service announcement and “Joint IQ” quiz during September’s Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month.

Kidney Care Quality Initiative

 About this project

In December of 2009, SPA was asked to develop a public affairs campaign for a voluntary, national, goal-based healthcare quality improvement initiative. The organization worked on this initiative for three years, collaborating with research scientists, academic physicians, medical professionals, care providers and patient advocacy organizations.

To promote the success of the program, SPA developed a comprehensive communications campaign that included a microsite, e-newsletters and media outreach. At the conclusion of the campaign, SPA coordinated an exclusive Medscape story on the results of the program, hosted an online media event, and developed an infographic highlighting the program’s success.


Health Exchange Twitter Chat

By the Numbers

  • 528 participants
  • 1,572 tweets
  • 27 million impressions
 About this project

With open enrollment for the new healthcare exchanges quickly approaching, the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) – a leading nonprofit dedicated to helping patients navigate the healthcare system – was looking for a cost- and time-effective way to make vital information about the new exchanges available to patients in need of health insurance.

That’s when the idea of a bilingual Twitter chat came into play. With the help of SPA, NPAF assembled an impressive team of panelists and moderators, including representatives from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Twitter chat media powerhouse U.S. News Health, and Latinos in Social Media, a nonprofit that works to empower the Latino community through the use of social media.

Questions were formulated on topics such as eligibility, coverage, and cost. Outreach was conducted to key patient groups and online influencers in advance of the chat. During the hour-long chat, questions were answered in both English and Spanish by a panel of government and policy experts. Panel experts and participants shared links to additional resources and highlights from the chat were curated and shared with the patient community using Storify.

The health exchange Twitter chat opened up the dialogue to Spanish-speaking participants at a time when 15.8 million Hispanic Americans are without health insurance (U.S. Census, 2011) and 51% of Americans polled say they didn’t have enough information about the Affordable Care Act to understand how it will impact them and their family (Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, August 2013). The chat attracted 528 participants (including leading hospitals, research institutions, nonprofits, and patient advocates), produced almost 1,600 tweets, and generated more than 26 million impressions. NPAF saw its Twitter following more than double as a result of the chat.

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