Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month

By the Numbers

  • 95 million PSA impressions
  • $2.9 million in equivalent advertising
  • 5.8 million Twitter impressions
  • 65% increase in website traffic
 About this project

Brushing your hair, buttoning a shirt, making breakfast – imagine waking up every morning and finding it difficult to perform these simple tasks. Unfortunately, this barely scratches the surface of what it feels like to live with a rheumatic disease. Despite affecting one in four Americans, rheumatic diseases are often misunderstood – and misdiagnosed.

To raise awareness about rheumatic diseases and facilitate early intervention from a rheumatologist, Schmidt Public Affairs worked with Terry Bradshaw – who has rheumatoid arthritis – and the American College of Rheumatology to launch a national public service announcement and “Joint IQ” quiz during September’s Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month.