Kidney Disease PSA

By the numbers

  • $150,000 in production costs
  • 37 million media impressions
  • $2.4 million media value
  • 7,575 broadcasts since March 2013 launch
  • $2.2 million return on investment
 About this project

In order to raise awareness about kidney disease, Schmidt Public Affairs scripted and coordinated a public service announcement featuring two celebrity spokespeople: seven-time NBA All-star Alonzo Mourning and actor and comedian George Lopez, both kidney transplant recipients.

$100,000 was dedicated to the production of the PSA, and $25,000 donations were made to Zo’s Fund for Life and the Lopez Foundation for the celebrities’ participation. SPA negotiated directly with the celebrities’ representatives to secure their use of name and likeness and co-branding with our client (DaVita) for one year. The estimated cost for name and likeness alone is in excess of one million dollars.

In the six months since its release, the PSA has been broadcast 7,575 times, with over 37 million media impressions and a total media value of $1,421,350.